Deepanshu is a third-year BTech (computer science) student. Currently, a research intern at IIIT Delhi and an AI head at International Organization Of Software Developers(IOSD). Research is also something that tempts him. He loves solving problems that we encounter in our day to day lives through his technical as well as personal skills.

Deepanshu primarily uses languages such as C++ and Python.

He recently achieved a global rank of 4 in the FIRE’18 task (Forum for information retrieval) and due to this achievement his work in the FIRE’18 competition was praised by many and his approach used in the task was also something notable.

He is always ready to discuss different projects that solve some business/non-business problems or any other exciting problem. Learning and Sharing the knowledge is the key factor that keeps him going. What he can give back to the society is what matters to him the most.